Happy New Year 2018 (belated)


This post will be a brief summary of last year, and aspirations for this year.  It just seems like the kind of thing to share this time of year.

I know this seems like the kind of content one would write about in a holiday letter that gets distributed to family members along with the Christmas-themed photo card.  If any of my relatives are reading this, I know you didn’t receive any such letter from me, but please know I started the season with every intention of sending out a letter.  I even wrote a few drafts, and printed out a couple of test copies.  Unfortunately, at the last minute, when I was realizing there wasn’t enough time left, I got overwhelmed and abandoned the project.
I’m sorry.

Goal for 2018:  Write and send holiday letters.


2017 was a year full of new experiences for us as a family, more than I can even remember!  (I need to get better at remembering.)

  • We celebrated Kj’s first birthday in February.
  • This spring, we packed up all of our stuff and moved into a new apartment. (The first place Josh and I picked out together as a couple!)  This apartment, unlike our last one, is actually spacious enough to allow Kj an entire room to himself, which was so needed as he became an increasingly mobile toddler.
  • Josh started a new job, working for a contract agency.  It’s a bit of a risk to work on a contract instead of being long-term employed, but that risk seemed to be outweighed by the potential benefits.  I hope we made the right choice!
  • We’ve managed to finally find room in our budget for a gym membership.  It’s been great for our health, and the onsite daycare has done wonders for Kj’s social and verbal development (and he has lots of fun, which is a plus!).
  • Another first: For the first time, I attempted writing a holiday letter.  (Maybe next winter, I’ll actually finish and mail them!

I wish I had more to share, but it’s hard to remember the details when time flies by so fast.  In the future, I’m going to start trying to write things down sooner, and share the important memories more frequently.


We’ve been blessed to witness so many amazing changes for Kj this past year!  He’s improved his motor skills, and can now walk backwards, run, and jump with ease.  He’s also learned to sing the alphabet song, and can identify all the capital letters and most of the lowercase letters.  He can also identify several colors and shapes.
Kj’s other talents include:

  • making us laugh
  • being nice to the cat
  • balancing forks on his head and calling them “hats”
  • using a fork for actually eating (sometimes)
  • throwing a ball backwards (but not always forwards)
  • counting out loud, but starting with 2
    (For some reason, he always wants to skip 1.)

We are immensely proud of Kj, and so excited to see what progress he makes over the coming year!


There are also improvements we (Josh and Rebecca) hope to make for ourselves in 2018…

Josh’s New Year Resolutions:

  • He wants to continue working on his health.  He exercises every day.
  • Josh is trying to get back into a dormant hobby.  His resolution is to find more time for creative writing.
  • Related to the creative writing resolution, Josh has set a goal of completing at least one major writing project in 2018, which will be a stepping stone toward his more distant dream of changing careers, starting his own business, and following his creative passions.

Rebecca’s New Year Resolutions:

  • I need to get better at organizing, so I’ve started to use a bullet journal to keep track of my time.  My primary resolution is to keep it going.
  • I also hope to start keeping better record of all the things I’ll want to remember, especially during this precious time in my son’s life when so much is changing so quickly, and remember to give frequent updates to those who care.  (Because as I mentioned earlier, I am likely to forget if I wait too long, and it gets overwhelming to try to summarize an entire year at once.)  That’s one thing I hope to accomplish by keeping up with this blog.
  • Another thing I hope this blog will help me accomplish is to spend more time thinking creatively.  It’s been awhile since I’ve put any pressure on myself to use my brain for anything other than constant, boring, repeating tasks.
  • Additionally, I plan to continue working on my health.  As you may already know, I was officially obese by the end of my pregnancy, and I have since made a lot of progress, toward a healthier weight, but it’s a journey on which I still have a long way to go.
  • And of course, I hope to actually mail holiday letters at the end of this year!


This may be one of the more uninteresting things I write about, so if you’ve made it this far without getting bored, I applaud your attention span!
Thank you so much for your support!
I wish you good luck on all your resolutions this year!
(If you’re willing, I hope you’ll share your goals in the comments, so I know what I’m wishing you luck on, and so we can continue to offer support to each other. 🙂 )


Oh, and in the spirit of the holiday season, here’s the most recent family picture:


with love,
Happy 2018!


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