Update: March 2019

I hope you’re all having a good winter!  (Yes, it is still winter, no matter what the calendar says.)

Image result for punxsutawney phil
This little dude is a liar.  How could he not see his shadow, with that bright light behind him? 

The first thing I want to say is that groundhogs must not be very good at predicting the weather, so I don’t know why, in 2019, we’re still asking a groundhog for a weather prediction every year.   On this year’s Groundhog Day in the U.S., that weirdo Punxsutawney Phil (I had to look up the spelling.  Seriously, who came up with that name?), stayed outside because he did not see his shadow.  According to the ancient, mystical tradition of Groundhog Day, that is for some reason supposed to mean that winter is almost over.  That is good news.  I’m rejoicing as I look out my window at the mountains of snow so high, that I have to cross my fingers and gun it when driving out of the parking lot, because the view of any possible oncoming traffic is completely blocked.  (And all other aspects of driving on snow and ice are certainly a recipe for road rage.)


Thanks for bearing with me through my little groundhog rant.  I’ll move on from griping about fat rodents long enough to give my regular scheduled update on family things:

He is enjoying preschool, but he’s been really disappointed to miss school on all those snow days.  (Oops, that’s a weather-related topic again.  Sorry!)
We’re seeing a lot of benefit from Kj’s time at school, as he has come out of his shell even more, and finally has the confidence to speak audibly in public sometimes!  He even asks the cashier at Target for a sticker every time we go, and usually loudly enough that I don’t have to translate for him!  🙂

Remember when I mentioned that he participated in that Ludum Dare game jam?  Well, he finally got around to writing a blog post about that experience.  (You can read it at this link: http://joshanthony.info/2019/02/06/post-mortem-ludum-dare-43.)  He has also been working on improving the game he made for that event, and learning more about game development, in preparation for future projects.

Speaking of Ludum Dare, there is another one coming up soon.  I’ve been using as much of my spare time as I can to learn how to make pixel art, so that Josh and I can enter the next Ludum Dare as a team.  I won’t bore you with any of my beginner-level art right now, but I might do a separate post about it sometime.  (It will be clearly marked, so that you can skip that one if pixels aren’t your jive.)  In case anyone is curious, I’m documenting my progress on Instagram at @PixelLunatic.



One more thing:

I want those who read my posts to know that I am deeply grateful for your support.  I wasn’t sure what I was doing when I started this blog (I’m still not entirely sure), I wasn’t consistent to start out with, some of my posts are very personal, some of them are on very narrow interests, and all of them are kind of all over the place, but recently, WordPress notified me that I have 50 followers!  To some, that may not seem like a lot, but I was struck with disbelief that as many as 50 people would show interest in what I’m doing here.

Thank you!




That’s all I have for right now.  Thanks for reading!
If you are a regular reader, you may remember (or maybe not) that in my last update (the one from back in November, if you don’t count the New Year post as an update), I promised a post on a certain philosophy I’ve been making an effort to live by.   My last post, Road Rage (posted on Friday, February 15th), was a preface to that thing.  I’ll be tying that up in my next post (which will go up on Friday, March 15th).
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Thank you all for your support!
Have a great week!  ❤




  1. I had a little guy who was very shy at that age. He used to hide behind me and the only one in the class he would speak to was the teacher. Now he’s in his fourth year at college and VERY confident….almost too much so. I miss that soft spoken shy little guy sometimes. 🙂

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