Update: May 2019

I know these bi-monthly family/life updates typically come closer to the beginning of the month, but my first scheduled blogging day of May happened to fall on the day after the anniversary of my marriage to my husband, Josh, so I felt compelled to write something that was more a reflection on the events of our life together so far, instead of a reflection of the past two months.
(If you missed that post, “A Look Back on 4 Years,” you can check it out by clicking here.)

Since my last update, spring has gone by fast, and this household has also been on a bit of a sprint, and we are just now slowing down and figuring out our longer-term goals.



Yesterday (Thursday) was the last day of Kj’s first year of preschool!
Kj has grown to love school, and we’re sad to see it end.  Fortunately, we’ve enrolled him for another year this fall, and one week of “summer camp” at school this summer!
(I don’t know why they call it camp.  They’re not actually camping.  It’s four days of three-hour sessions.  So don’t worry, we’re not actually “sending him away to camp” this young!)
Preschool has definitely helped Kj improve his social skills in leaps and bounds.  With people he knows, he’s speaking full sentences, sometimes carrying on conversations!  He’s speaking audibly in public (although still not as much as at home, but that’s to be expected), no longer crying / hiding behind me.  In fact, I think he could stand to have a little of that Stranger Danger sense back… Earlier this week, he approached, and nearly climbed into the lap of, a stranger near the playground (who, thankfully, was gracious about it).
Kj has learned to notice and interact with other kids closer to his age, which he wasn’t doing just months ago.  He’s even been encouraged to take a little more interest in music and art!  

As for our at-home studies:
Kj is still resistant to potty training, not quite showing the signs of readiness.
He is, however, learning to read at a faster pace than before.  We now have a list of over 200 basic words that he can read for himself, we have several practice sentences, and he is beginning to read short, simple books.
Kj also has a firm grasp on numbers, and can count pretty well, provided he maintains his attention.
Although he’s far from ditching diapers, we’re trying not to stress about it, and to just applaud him working hard on learning what he is interested in, with the hopes that this will foster a life-long love of learning.
I guess it’s true that each early childhood skill will develop at a different pace.  Our kiddo is unique, and that’s okay.  🙂  


Josh and Rebecca:

I usually write us separate sections in the update, but for this most recent two-month chunk, most of what we did was together.

We spent most of our free time (what’s that?) throughout March and April preparing for Ludum Dare 44, which we then participated in as a team.    (The objective of Ludum Dare is to make a computer game, fitting a certain theme, in 72 hours.)   Josh wrote the code and music.  I made the art and graphics.  We worked together on the “story” aspect.  We also worked together on learning that our “story” implementation needs work.  (Oops.)  We certainly did not make the best game, but we did make game, which is an accomplishment itself, and the experience gave us an idea of how to work on future projects together.

Going forward, I can slow down on the pixel art learning a bit (I’m still doing it, though), and I’ll have a bit more time to work on some personal writing projects.  We’re both still figuring out what exactly is next.

May 9th was our four-year wedding anniversary.
And guess what?
We still like each other!



I can’t even commit yet to what my next post will be about, because I have so many ideas.  In fact, there are more in-progress posts in my “drafts” folder than there are completed, published posts on my blog!
That’s actually making me start to consider increasing my posting frequency.  (Maybe.)
Part of me wants to get my ideas out faster.  Another part of me prefers having a backlog of ideas ready because I’m scared of running out of things to say.
Part of my dilemma is that my best writing seems to happen when I’m getting really personal, but like most people, I’m anxious about sharing personal stories.
It helps to have an idea in the draft stage for awhile, so I can take time to determine whether the idea is actually worth dedicating an entire post to.  I’m already quite impulsive with my ideas, and might be even more so if I didn’t take two weeks between each post.  (Thank you to all who continue reading even though my topics are all over the place.)
Maybe someday I’ll have this whole thing figured out!
**cue sitcom laughter,
followed by the narrator’s voice saying,
“But she would never have it figured out.” 



That’s all I have to say right now.  Thanks for reading!

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Thank you all for your support!
Have a great week!  ❤



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