I didn’t get this survey made as quickly as I hoped I would; this has been a busy weekend!  But it’s ready now!

I’m considering taking up writing book reviews and other bookish content, but I’m unsure whether to post them here or in a separate blog.
The most important factor is whether this type of content would be an annoyance to my readers who prefer the blog posts I’m already writing and don’t want to see book blogs in their subscription feed.

To get an idea of how you all feel about this, I created a quick survey, pretty much just to ask that.  (I decided to do this instead of asking for answers via comments, so that no one has to have their name attached to their opinion; the answers will be sent to me anonymously.)

The survey is one question, multiple choice.  (Should I book blog here, or somewhere else?)

There is an additional, optional question for anyone who has book recommendations.  Just for fun, no pressure.

Anyway, here it is…

[click here to take the survey]

🙂  Thank you for your time!   ❤


  1. […] The specific goal: The small, measurable goal for now, as I mentioned above, is to read at least three times per week.  I hope that at some point, I’ll up that goal to six times per week. And to motivate me to do the analyses, my other related goal for this year is to finally start that book blog I’ve been saying I wanted to do. […]


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