Update: September 2019

It’s been awhile.

When I last posted, I was in the middle of dealing with a life-affecting change, and since then, I’ve had to spend a lot of time and energy on packing up everything my family owns, finding a home in a new city, and then unpacking all that stuff.
It’s been quite a couple of months for sure.

At first, I thought I might use one or two of the drafts I had set aside as my posts during the move, to save time, but then the self-sabotaging perfectionist in me didn’t think any of my drafts were good enough to publish during this time, and it was just never the right time for me to focus my energy into getting them there, or coming up with entirely new content either, so I ended up just giving up and deciding not to post in the blog again until I was back into a somewhat normal routine, ready to dedicate a recurring block of time to blogging, so that I can say that I actually am back.

And now, here I am.


Having said all that, here’s a quick synopsis of my summer:



  • After trying for awhile to find a job, I got discouraged and had a lot of feelings about how inadequate I felt.
    I wrote about that.
  • Josh got hired, but by an out-of-town company.
    (Leaving all my job applications and my interviews pointless, because it was all in our current town, and not being in a position to turn down an offer, we had to move to accommodate Josh’s new work location.)
  • We calculated what the financial burden of moving and consequences of breaking our standing lease would be.
  • We spent a week touring every apartment and rental we could find in our target city, and coming to terms with the reality that we were simply not going to find a place with rent as low as we were used to.  It turns out to almost not exist anymore, and the property we were living on was one of the last remaining places charging as little as they did without being too slummy.  (In fact, in talking to the property manager, I found out our rent would have skyrocketed to match the rest of the market in the next couple of years, anyway.)  The future is now.
  • We applied for the cheapest rental we could find that fit our needs, and thankfully, got approved.  It turns out to be a pretty good place.  It helps that we’re renting from private owners, not a corporation with overhead.
  • Josh began a long, long commute to the new job, while we were still living in the old place.
  • I pulled all our moving boxes out of storage and began packing as quickly as I could.  Spoiler alert: As quickly as I could was not very quick.  Especially with a three-year-old around, and Josh barely home.  I think I did the best I could.


  • We signed a new lease.
  • We gave written notice of vacating on our old lease.
  • I cleaned and bug-bombed our new home, in preparation for our move-in.
    It needed it.  
  • We rented a U-haul truck, and in one day:
    – loaded it up,
    – got sweaty,
    – coaxed our anxious cat into his carrier,
    – drove to our new place,
    – unloaded everything and the cat,
    – got sweatier,
    – returned the truck,
    – went “home” to put our bed back together,
    – still sweaty,
    – took our dead-tired selves to Perkins
    to replace all our lost calories with lots of pancakes,
    – did a late-night Walmart run to make sure we’d have
    something in our empty fridge,
    – and finally, went back to our new place of residence,
    collapsed, and went to sleep.
    (It helped that Kj was away visiting his grandparents during this.)
  • Since then, I’ve been working on unpacking, and trying to make this new place feel like home.  Kj adjusted fast.  I’m still having some feelings about it.


And that’s pretty much everything there is for the update right now.  Just this week, I got my desk set up so I have somewhere to work and write, which meant I could write this post!

Some other things I’m looking forward to getting back to, which I haven’t done in awhile, either because of no time/energy, or because the stuff has been in boxes:

  • reading
  • painting
  • writing
  • reading
  • drawing
  • beading
  • candle-making
  • crocheting
  • reading
  • cooking
  • reading
  • board games
  • reading (seriously, all the books are still in boxes.  It’s not fun.)



That’s all I have to say for right now!
I’ll be back to my regular posting schedule now, and trying to read the posts I missed from bloggers I follow as soon as I can.  🙂

Have a great week!  ❤


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