Happy New Year 2020


Another full year has come to a close, and with it, nearly two years that I’ve had this blog.
Not to mention, the close of an entire decade!

(Seriously, I won’t mention it.  Because I’m sure everyone else has.
OH NO am I missing out on an opportunity to call this post “Happy New Decade” instead?  But I’ve already been calling it “Happy New Year” every year!
Oops, I guess I did mention it.  Sorry.)



In (kind of, almost) seriousness, I’ll spare you the “summary of the decade” post, because I’m sure everyone else has done it, and that their’s are better.
But I can’t just not mention how weird it is that the 2010s are over, and it’s an entire new decade.   Didn’t the 90’s just happen?  Wasn’t I visiting 2007 Hot Topic, like, a year ago?  No?

Anyway, time to focus on the more recent past, and the present.

2019 sure was a year.

Crazier things happened all over the world, but for me and my little family:

  • We started potty training Kj.
  • I started learning how to make pixel art.
  • Josh and I participated in some game jams together for the first time.
  • Kj wrapped up his first school year of preschool.
  • We experienced the terror of a job layoff.
  • Josh got a new, arguably better, job.
  • We picked up our lives and belongings and moved to a new city.
  • …and maybe other stuff that I don’t remember.
    (Hey, I’ve been busy.)


When I published my first blog posts in 2018,
I started with a resolution of maintaining this blog, primarily just as an easy home base to keep my extended family in the loop about the goings-on of myself and my immediate family, because I felt guilty for not remembering to contact each individual with updates on life.  (I think we’ve all sat through the lectures of relatives who thought we weren’t keeping in touch enough, and keeping them informed enough.)

Then, as I started finding more things to write about, and stepping out of my self-expression comfort zone, I ended up being too scared to tell my family about my blog.  It became too personal, and somehow, personal thoughts and feelings are easier to share with strangers.  I don’t really know what this blog is now, but a mass family letter is not what it is.

In 2019,
I made another New Year post, with new resolutions.
It’s been a year, so I guess it’s time to review them:

  • The 2019 goal:
    Continue losing weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
    How I did: 
    I’m no longer weighing myself constantly, but I am still implementing the healthy eating skills I learned while going through the big weight loss of 2018, and exercising 5 days a week, which means, although I’m probably not losing weight as fast, I am maintaining equilibrium, and having a much improved mental state, by not worrying so much about the number (which I can afford to do now that I’m no longer morbidly obese).
    All in all, I’d say this is a win.
  • The 2019 goal:
    Complete the full first draft of a specific (but not publicly spoken of) long-term fiction writing project.
    How I did:
    I got a good chunk done at the beginning of the year, but oof.  I got nowhere near finishing a whole draft.  This priority fell to the side while I worked toward other goals, and when life came up.  I’m not upset about it, though.  I also learned things that can help me do better writing when I get back to this.
  • The 2019 goal:
    Post more consistently — at least twice a month.
    How I did: 
    Other than the period I got thrown off during the move, I did this!  Yay!
  • The 2019 goal: 
    Not worry what others think of me.
    How I did: 
    Honestly, I forgot this was one of my goals.  Oops.  I can always do better at this.
  • The 2019 goal:
    Potty train Kj.
    How I did:
    Well, it’s not really fair to ask how I did, since this is a big undertaking for Kj, too. 
    We started this year, and have been trying hard.  He’s not all the way there yet, but this process has taught me not to rush him. 

I may not have reached all my goals for last year, but the lessons the year taught me are more important to me than any of my measureable goals, anyway.
I learned that because I’m human, I need to be less hard on myself, and that being “less hard” doesn’t have to mean lazy.  I can work hard while still forgiving the occasional bad day.  Starting with forgiving others for being human helps with this process.
And, because my son is human, too, I learned that maybe I complain too much about parenting.  Being a parent may be hard, but being a kid is hard, too.  I know I’ll never be a perfect parent, and I know he’ll never be a perfect kid.  He doesn’t have to be.
And just reviewing last year’s New Year post showed me how fast things can change.  It’s impossible to predict or sum up a whole year as one or two themes, and my goals and situations may change.
I’ll be keeping that in mind for setting my New Year goals this time.


Goals for 2020: 

  • The first, and possibly most important goal is to make sure I don’t get too attached to these goals.  I’m going to try to keep a zen mindset and allow my goals to change throughout the year if they need to.
  • Instead of having a specific creative goal, such as a whole draft of a certain writing project, I’m deciding to take more time to figure out my creative endeavors, whatever they may be.  The ways I can be creatively fulfilled seem to change unexpectedly, and I’m going to be ready for it and enjoy the ride.
  • Just as important as creating (in my opinion) is feeding my brain the products of other people’s creativity as well, so I want to make more time for reading.  I used to do nothing but read, but for a few years, that’s been a dormant hobby.
  • Related to reading, I also hope to get around to starting that book blog.
  • To repeat the 2019 resolution that I forgot about:
    I’m going to try this year to care less about what others think of me…
    …but to add to that:  I’m going to try to not think of others in a negative way, either, and remember that people around me are humans, with just as much struggle.
  • I’m going to try loosening up as a parent, and allowing Kj more flexibility and choice in his life.  This has been a priority of mine the whole time, but it’s hard to stick to with an impulsive, destructive toddler that I’m just trying to keep alive.  But maybe he’s old enough now that I should exhale, and just see what he does.
  • Now that Kj is beginning to exit the neediest period of a typical child’s life, I’m also going to take a little time to figure out who I am again, separate from the “Mom” identity.   Making time for my creative endeavors, as I mentioned above, is part of this.  I know I’m something other than “Mom” but sometimes, I catch myself trying hard to hide that, like it’s an embarrassing thing to want more.  I think I even have “Kj’s mom” in my Instagram bio.  I’m a whole person, but I’m always changing.  I’m going to figure out what my other parts are, and hopefully gain the courage to openly admit that “Kj’s mom” is not all of those parts.


Goal for “The 20s”: 

This decade, I want to be more flexible in all areas of life, and more open to growth.  A lot of growth and change happened for me in the last decade, but always after a lot of resistance, and only in retrospect did I ever realize the good things that were happening to me.  I hope in the future, I can be more aware of the good things while they happen.



I hope you all have a good year, and a wonderful decade!

What are some of your goals and wishes for 2020, or the 20s in general?



Thanks for reading!

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Thank you all for your support!
Have a great year!  ❤




  1. I am currently working my way backward through blogs. My goal for 2020 is to keep up with emails and blogs so I don’t have 4 months of reading to do. Also, to live my life and be more in the moment. What is a book blog? My blog started as a way to write a book and I am wondering if that is a thing and is it what I should be doing. If so, it will also be added to my list of goals for 2020.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oops, I should have specified. I follow a few book blogs, so I just used that phrase without thinking. Book blogs, from what I’ve seen, are for blogging about books, usually in the form of book reports and book reviews. Reading has been my favorite hobby for a long time, and I’ve been thinking it would be fun to write about it, too!

      Great goals, by the way! I should really be keeping up on my notifications and emails, too.

      Liked by 1 person

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