Update: July 2020

I originally planned to write an update in June, but I got caught up in my excitement to write on other topics, and I forgot.


Blog Update

What’s been happening on this blog since my last update (March) as of July:


      recent stuff

Since my last update, I finally got around to responding to tag posts (The 73 Questions Challenge and The Real Neat Blog Award).
My other recent posts are:


      upcoming stuff

(Some of this is the same as last time, because time spent on the 100 Day Project was time I did not spend working on new things for the blog. )

I’m considering making my own images to go with my blog posts, instead of using stock photos and/or simple shapes and text put together in Canva.  While I pontificate on whether to make my own art for all blog posts, I will be making images for a few of my old posts, to test the process out.  So, in case you go back to old posts in my blog, just a heads-up that some of the pictures may change.

I mentioned last time that I was working on the idea of starting a series called “Noticing Humans.”  I still want to do that, but those plans were made before quarantine.  This idea will likely be on hold until it’s safe to do less social distancing.


Creative Goals Update

(This section is a self-evaluation of how I’m doing on the goals I outlined in the post “Creative Goals 2020” at the beginning of the year.  I’ll go through each category, in the order I listed them in my Goals post.)

  • Balance / Separation between my creative self and my “Mom” self 
    Some progress was made here.
    I did significantly reduce the amount I post about my son, private the Instagram account that has pictures of him, and make a separate account for the public stuff.
    I still need to work on balancing my time, though.
  • Storytelling 
    (specific goal: Write a story of some kind by the end of the year.)  
    I got back to working on a couple of long-abandoned story projects, and found that because I’d let my writing habit go dormant, I was very rusty, and was having a hard time with the big stories.  To get back into it, I wrote a few short stories.  It was a good exercise in voice and word choice, but I do not count those as completing the goal.  I still hope I can complete a rough draft of a longer story.
    Related: My partner and I are now working on writing a story together.
  • Painting 
    (specific goal: Just do more of it, for fun.)
    There was painting involved in The 100 Day Project, but only in one specific style.  I’d like to make sure I incorporate other painting styles, especially now that The 100 Day Project is over.
    I realize I’ve been inactive on my painting Instagram account, @AcrylicLunatic.  I will catch up on posting there over next week.
  • Drawing 
    (specific goals: One lesson from the online drawing course per week, and when that’s finished, one lesson from the anatomy drawing book per week.)
    This is one I was on track doing consistently.  However, when I decided to do The 100 Day Project, I decided that the drawing I would have to do every week as part of my project would be my weekly drawing, in the interest of saving time (I also learned a lot to help improve my drawing while doing the project!), and now that it’s over, the weekly drawing will again be the above-mentioned coursework.
  • Pixel Art 
    (specific goals: At least one finished piece every two weeks, with at least one of those per month being a game-art style piece.)  
    Yep!  I also did a bunch of pixel art as part of my version of The 100 Day Project.
    I realize I’ve been inactive on my digital art Instagram account, @PixelLunatic.  I will catch up on posting there over the next week.
  • Finding Inspiration 
    (specific goals: Spend time reading fiction at least three times a week, and start a book blog by the end of the year.)
    I have started writing some content for the book blog, so I’m on track for that.  I was hoping to up my reading goal at some point, but I don’t think I’m there yet, so I will be keeping the reading goal at three times a week for now.


Family Update 



Going over what I wrote last time, I realized that it’s relevant:

He’s getting closer to becoming what we might be able to call “potty trained” and gradually becoming more independent in the bathroom. Public bathrooms are still a struggle, but there’s a visible light at the end of the tunnel.  
…On a similar note, we’ve finally been looking for a preschool in the area for Kj to attend.  He’s missed going to school, so he’s excited to get back to it, even if it’s not the same school he went to before.  Hopefully he’ll still be excited when he realizes that his new school, unlike the old school, will have the expectation that he use the bathroom at school.” 
(Me, 4 months ago.)  

…That was the pre-Covid update.  You can imagine how that plan went.

Now, we’re waiting for schools to open back up, and/or when we feel it’s safe to send him to school again.

While we wait, we’re continuing to work on his academics at home.


The together story project I mentioned earlier is a story-based game.  In addition to writing story, Josh has been working on research and code-development for the game.


Have I mentioned that I did The 100 Day Project?  😛
That’s what’s been filling most of the rest of my time since the last update.  Now that it’s over, I’m getting back to my regularly scheduled creative endeavors.




That’s all I have for this update.


Thanks for reading!

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Thank you all for your support!
Have a great week!  ❤




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