Five Fast Resources for Allies

Right now, I know a lot of my fellow wanting-to-be-better-anti-racist white people are going through a period of self education.  I can’t speak for people of color, but I can at least make a list of resources that are written by people of color that are specifically helpful to white Americans looking to improve their anti-racism knowledge.  

To keep it brief, here are five of the most useful resources I’ve found: 


Welcome to the Anti-Racism Movement — Here’s What You’ve Missed 

This article intended for new white allies, written by Ijeoma Oluo, is full of snark and humor, while being informative.  It gives a brief recent history of systemic racism, and includes tips on what to do next, as well as what not to do (and let’s be honest, a lot of us are very concerned about what not to do). 


11 Ways to be a Better White Ally 

An Odyssey Online article by Ashley Malafronte.   This is the thing to read if you’re looking for fast, simple rules that you can learn and use right now. 


The Guide to Allyship 

This resource is about allyship to marginalized communities in general, not just being an ally to the Black community, but the advice still applies. 


Black Futures Lab 

Black Futures Lab is an American organization that educates about policies that hurt Black Americans, and aims to change those policies.


30 BLM Petitions You Should Sign Right Now 

This article is literally what the title says.  A list of petitions related to BLM issues, with links to each petition to make it easy. 


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