A Month of Daily Journaling

Last month, I decided to start journaling (as I mentioned in “Daily Journaling for Creativity“)
For some of the time since then, I decided to log my experiences with and related to journaling.

Day 1:
I tried to start strong by writing a lot on my first day of journaling. I managed to fill a lot of space (most of it is garbage, but this is supposed to be “freewriting,” right?) I’m already worried that I’ll be repeating myself day after day in this process.

Day 2:
I couldn’t think of anything to say. I pretty much just described my day in my journal, like a diary.

Day 3:
I set the timer for 10 minutes, and stared at the blank page. I didn’t even notice the time going by until the timer went off. Because the rule is that I have to journal something, I just wrote “I don’t know what to journal today,” and then left it alone. This feels like a failure.

Days 4-6:
I forgot to journal those days. 😦
I am now setting a daily alarm to remind me to journal.

Day 7:
The alarm helped me remember to journal, but I didn’t have anything to say. I recapped the day.

Day 8: I was determined to do better this time, so I forced myself to actually write the entire time. The result was pages of jibberish. Um, maybe that will go somewhere?

Days 9 through 13 were about the same, day recaps followed by jibberish when I ran out of thoughts, but I’m trying.

Day 14:
I managed some more coherent thoughts this time.

Day 15:
Today was a rough day, and journaling about it turned out to be pretty cathartic.

Day 16:
For most of the journaling session today, I felt like I had nothing to say, and typed randomly for several minutes. I did end up with a creative idea I feel good about at the end of it, though.

Day 17:
Today, separately from journaling, I worked on some writing for a future post, and it went better than I expected it to. Not sure if this is because of the journaling, but I definitely felt good about it.

Days 18 through 26 were several days in a row of pretty good journaling sessions and improving emotional health. (these days combined in the post to avoid repetition)

Day 27:
I missed that day because I got sick and did not feel up to sitting at the computer.

Days 28 and on went pretty well.
I don’t have as much to report as I’d hoped. I realize now that one month was not enough time to do an accurate case study (but for accountability, because I promised this post, I published it anyway). I did get better at the process of journaling as the month went on. I think what I’ll do now is continue this practice and see if anything else changes. However, this time, I won’t promise an update as quickly as one month from now.

This post is late as a result of illness over the time I would normally organize and publish a post. I’ll be back on normal posting schedule now, though.

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