The Motherhood Cycle

Mother’s Day is coming soon, and in honor of all the moms, I want thank moms for everything they do, and recognize the cycle we’re all part of:

Moms share their bodies and energy and time with their children, often letting go of their individuality for years at a time.

A mom’s life revolves around her children.

Her main source of stress is her child.

But her main source of joy is also her child.

A mom devotes herself to her child’s health and wellbeing, and agonizes over her child’s development. Will this child become a good person? Are my efforts worth it?

A mom delights in her child’s accomplishments, and in seeing her child show signs of the adult they may become.

A mom tries hard to teach her child, and often discovers she has a lot to learn herself, when her child becomes a mirror for all the habits she never knew she had.

A mom laughs when her child laughs, and cries when her child cries.

A mom experiences the mixed excitement and sorrow of watching her child become their own person and declare their independence.

Somewhere along this ride, a mom remembers who she is, and slowly puts back pieces of their own self, repairing the identity of the whole person who is not just “Mom,” and even that act is for her child, too. So the child sees their mother as an individual, and can remember who their mother is as a whole human being.

A mom looks back at her own childhood, and slowly sees more and more of the human side of her own mother.
She hopes her own children will know she was human, too.

And the cycle continues.

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