Job-Seeking after being a Full-Time Parent 

A semi-sarcastic step-by-step of the grueling, headache-inducing, embarrassing process of job searching as a socially-anxious, completely unqualified mom. 

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20190412_180833_0000.pngKid Logic

“When mom tells me to stop doing something 100 times, I only get hurt 4 of those times, therefore, listening to mom is pointless 96% of the time.”
. . . and other completely logical thoughts!

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Why did it take me so long to text you back?

“If you’ve ever texted me and then, when you finally received a reply hours later, breathed a sigh of relief knowing that I didn’t die, this post is for you!
I’m kidding. I know that was a major over-exaggeration, but I’ve heard my share of complaints about my texting-back speed.
To that, first: a gentle reminder that the entire point of texting instead of calling is that what you need to communicate is not an emergency and you’re prepared to wait for the recipient of your text message to get to it on his or her own time.
Second: a list of very real reasons I’ve waited to respond or didn’t respond to texts, in case anyone wants to know: . . .” [read more]


A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Things Done with ADHD
Step 1 – Identify the task you plan to do. For this example, I’ll say I’m going to sort that large, disorganized pile of papers.
Step 2 – Decide when is the appropriate time to do the task. I choose during naptime, so it’ll be quiet and I can focus.
Step 3 – Go about the rest of the morning as usual.
Step 4 – The baby is down for a nap. Time to get to work!
Step 5 – Try to remember what I was about to do. What was I about to do?
Step 6 – Look for to-do list . . . [read more]


My first blog post!

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